Balanced ENERGY

1.) Healthy Home Clean Air System

The Balanced Energy ERV* ventilation and heating system provides continuous fresh air cleaned through a MERV 12 air filter.  The system constantly exhausts stale air while recovering 94% of the energy and humidity in the outgoing air. Final heating temperature is done using an electric 2.5 kW heat coil.

2.)Balanced Energy Comfort

Imagine your walls warm to the touch on the coldest winter day; that’s Balanced Energy comfort. The super insulated and sealed building envelope designed without thermal bridging to create an insulated thermal blanket that wraps around the home.
Technical: the walls have an effective thermal resistance value of R45. The roof system R80.


A custom recipe of high purity crystal clear low iron glazing with insulating low E coatings desgined to the heat in and keep it in.
Technical: Triple Glazed U-0.155, SHGC=0.65

4.) Solar Power

The Solar PV system provides all the power required to heat, cool and ventilate the home. It also provides all the power requires to heat the domestic hot water your family requires.
Technical: Our 8 kW PV System is designed to produce 8850kWh of electricity per year on average.