Stay Warm - It’s Cold out There!

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It's cold out there so today's focus is on staying warm. We need to dress in layers to do that. It's all about harnessing and balancing our body's internal energy. Body heat escapes due to lack of insulation. The best way to avoid this heat loss is by layering your clothing. Layering is simply the process of wearing a series of garments, one on top of the other, instead of dressing in a single, bulky item. Layering provides warmth, customization and versatility. It will also reduce your home heating bills which is a significant advantage with Canadian power rates continuing to rise. Dressing in three layers is the classic approach to layering. The three layers are the base, the insulator and the protector.

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This is the layer next to your skin.  Your body still sweats in cold weather.  The job of this piece of clothing is to wick moisture.  The most popular fabric is synthetic because of its moisture-wicking capabilities.  Wicking promotes breathability and perspiration management.  Choose a lightweight fabric that feels good on your skin.  If you prefer natural materials go for wool (especially merino - it's lightweight, so soft and odorless) or silk.  Avoid cotton.


The primary function of this layer is to provide warmth.  It traps warm air between the surface and your body and moves moisture outward.  It retains the body heat near your skin.

Synthetic fabrics are popular because of their moisture wicking abilities.  These fabrics provide excellent warmth and low bulk even when wet.  Additionally synthetic fabrics are machine washable and hold their shape well.  For you natural fibre lovers, wool (especially merino) and down are excellent insulators.  They are soft, odor free and have high breathability.

THE PROTECTOR (or outer layer)

The main funtion of this layer is to repel water, while retaining breathability.  Without this function, sweat builds up and you've lost your insulation.  You want this layer to be light and non-insulated.  It's a versatile piece.  In the summer it bececomes your rainjacket.

Layering, as it turns out, isn't just for dressing. At Igloo we demonstrates this concept throughout all of our homes. Nowhere is our commitment to efficieny more evident than in our 'Balanced Energy' home. Featuring our healthy home and clean air system, insulated thermal blanket wrapping (our way of layering), windows designed to keep heat in and solar power that provides all the power required to heat, cool and ventilate the home.

Like layering, we provide warmth, customization and versatilityContact us at Come and visit us at our show home gallery and remember to layer up - it's cold out there.

Happy New Year folks, from all of us here at Igloo.


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