Purchase Process

The home buying process is made simple. At Igloo Prebuilt we want to make sure that the design and purchase of your home is done in a quick and efficient manor. Below explains on how to get started.

  1. Illustration of Start Drawings

    Start Drawings

    Meet with our team to start drawing your custom home.

  2. Illustration of Interior Design

    Interior Design

    Select your finishes with our professional interior designers.

  3. Illustration of Confirm Selections

    Confirm Selections

    Confirm your floorplan and interior design selections.

  4. Illustration of Sign Contracts/Sale of Home

    Sign Contracts/Sale of Home

    Sign all contracts, start building your home! (20% deposit).

  5. Illustration of Walk Through

    Walk Through

    Visit the plant during construction at framing stages, prior to delivery.

  6. Illustration of Home Delivery

    Home Delivery

    80% of balance due upon delivery of the home.

  7. Illustration of Site Setup

    Site Setup

    Our onsite finishing crew will complete your home once it’s on your property.

  8. Illustration of Move In!

    Move In!

    Enjoy your brand new home.

  9. Illustration of 1 Year Anniversary Warranty

    1 Year Anniversary Warranty

    Customer service provided to address any deficiencies to the home within 1 year.

  10. Illustration of 5 Year Warranty

    5 Year Warranty

    Alberta New Home Warranty offers an extended structural warranty.